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And finally, this brings us to the latest revolution: mobile porn on your cellphone. Thanks to the evolution of cellular technology, it is possible not only to take your porn with you but access porn from the internet while on the move. No need to take up disk space on your device, just stream cell phone porn directly to your phone anytime/anywhere. Sites, such as appropriately named, cater primarily to users who want to have access to porn images and porn movies in their pockets. You pull your mobile phone from your pocket, and with a click (or touch) of a button or two, one of hundreds of mobile porn movies are playing on your handheld display. Wow! That is true revolution. All the porn images, all the porn movies, playing on a mobile phone screen, accessible everywhere. Just carry your mobile porn in your pocket, and your pocket erotica is always with you. And now, excuse me while I run to the bathroom to take care of a bulge growing in my pocket…

Fast-forward to modern ages, and delivery forms of porn and eroticism experienced the first revolution with the invention of photography. Those old, black-and-white photos of first sexual pioneers of late 19th Century are testimony of pent up demand that exploded with secretly traded porn photos. Kept in pockets, those photos were the first form of “pocket porn” (or mobile porn since that's where we are going with this), something you could always have with you. The second revolution came with moving images. Now the porn was delivered not just as still image, but as a continuously moving sequence of images – a true revolution in porn content. But that revolution that gave birth to porn videos was also a step back – now your porn did not fit into your pocket. It was hidden in one’s garage, large reels of films, heavy and bulky projectors, at the beginning even without voice. At first you couldn't even watch in your own house, you had to go to a theater. So one had to be mobile to watch porn, but the porn itself wasn't mobile. Then people were able to purchase home projectors, and again one was limited to his or her own residence to watch porn. As technology matured, the voice was added, and Super 8 technology brought a flood of porn movies.

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There is a new thing in porn: mobile porn. No, no, it is not travelling porn, it is porn on your cell phone. Yeah, you need a 3G phone (one of those latest phones) with internet access - kind of like iPhone or BlackBerry Storm, of those latest cool LG and Samsung phones. You simply open the browser, type, and off you go (Well, first you go "on" and then "get off"!). It is not just some generic porn site that mostly does not work on phone browser, it is a cell phone porn web site, built just for mobile porn videos. It supports all the streaming porn video formats for mobile phones, it is easy to navigate from the mobile phones, the pages are not cluttered, they are fast to load over cellular networks. It just works great! Mobile porn videos on the go!
Basically, you can register either on your PC or on your mobile phone. You pick your user name and password, enter credit card info (oh, yes, you can see some free samples without credit card), it is extremely cheap for a few days trial, cancel if you do not like it (I hope you are not that crazy), and if you do like it, keep riding it! You can cancel later at any time. Once registered, login from your mobile phone and you have all the latest and greatest of mobile porn on your own cell phone. The site adds new porn videos daily, it has a huge collection of the best porn stars, from Bree Olson to Vanessa Lane, you name it, they've got it. Search or scroll through the collection of porn videos, click or touch on iPhone the one you like and there you go: video starts playing. Phone porn, mobile porn… Call it whatever, but there is no denying it. Why be the last one to get it? For once, you've got the chance to be the first one in your circle of buddies to have something cool no one else does. Brag about it. Show it to the chicks in the clubs. They dig the guys with the coolest, latest things. it shows you are the leader of the pack. And don't forget to pick the porn scene you would like to try later with those chicks - it might just work for you. Don't forget:,, for the best mobile porn videos.

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Mobile Porn, PSP Porn, iPhone Porn, iPod Porn, Zune Porn - Top List by - The best iPhone apps on the web!  iPhone Rankings  iPhone Wankings - Best iPhone Porn  iPhone World Topsite

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